An efficient survey on status of lead contamination and danger in Iran; Guidance for preventive measures

Arnab Das

Lead is an old ecological metal which is introduced all over the place and lead harming is an essential medical problem in numerous nations on the planet including Iran. It is known as a quiet ecological malady which can have deep rooted unfriendly wellbeing impacts. In youngsters, the most powerless populace, mental improvement of kids wellbeing impacts is of the best impact. Low level lead presentation can essentially initiate engine dysfunctions and intellectual weakness in youngsters. What's more, lead sullying of soil and air particularly in region of contaminated and industrialized urban areas is another medical issue in Iran. Indeed, even sustenance’s, for example, rice and fishes, crude drain, and vegetables which are the most widely recognized nourishment of Iranian populace are dirtied to lead in some territory of Iran. Adding lead to the opium is an as of late wellbeing risk in Iran that has been seen among opium addicts. There are few reviews assessed current status of lead introduction and danger in the Iranian kids and pregnant ladies which ought to be assessed powers. We prescribe to recognize sources wipe out or control sources, and screen natural exposures and perils to avert lead harming.