Объем 9, Проблема 4 (2023)

Перспективная статья

A Perspective Curvature on Riemannian Geometry

  • Percival Ajani Chasey*


The Role of Algebraic Equations in Daily Applications

  • Abdul Mohammad*


The Power of Vectors: Understanding their Application and Importance

  • Juan Jose Molina Gonzalez

Мнение Статья

Matrices: A Foundation in Modern Mathematics

  • Lionel Pegden

исследовательская статья

Fast Numerical Simpson and Boole Integration by Using the Derivatives at the Boundaries

  • Michael Engler

исследовательская статья

Bayesian Estimation of Simultaneous Equation Models with Outliers and Multicollinearity Problem

  • Oluwadare O Ojo*, Oluwaseun A Adesina