Объем 2, Проблема 1 (2016)

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New Result on the Extensiveness and In-extensiveness Between Bipartite Graphs

  • Walied H Sharif*

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The Multivariate Empirical of Long Memory Processes

  • Ichaou Mounirou*

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Forecast and Backtesting of VAR Models in Crude Oil Market

  • Yue-Xian Li*, Jin-Guo Lian and Hong-Kun Zhang

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Estimation of Long Memory Linear Processes

  • Ichaou Mounirou

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On ZN-Invariant Subgroups of Semi-Simple Lie Groups

  • Ahsan MK* and Hubsch T

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The Tadpole Bayesian Model for Detecting Trend Changes in Financial Quotations

  • Krzysztof Wojciech Fornalski*

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Continuous Dependence of the Solution of A Stochastic Differential Equation With Nonlocal Conditions

  • El-Sayed AMA*, Abd-El-Rahman RO, El-Gendy M

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Error Estimations of Homotopy Perturbation Method for linear Integral and Integro-Differential Equations of the Third kind

  • Eshkuvatov ZK*, Zulkarnain FS , Nik Long NMA, Muminov Z.

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Space-Time Correlations, within the Context of Stochastic Evolution

  • Costanza EF and Costanza G*

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Extension of the Unit Root Test: The Fractional Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test A Monte Carlo Study

  • Benyammi Youcef, Moussi Oumelkeir*

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Proposed Structure of Prime Numbers

  • Randall Sheppard

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Some Results on Metric Space and their Periodic Point Properties

  • Pralahad SM* and Shabbir Ahmmed

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Bayesian Estimation in Shared Compound Negative Binomial Frailty Models

  • David D Hanagal* and Asmita T Kamble

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Contagion Effect and Change in the Dependence between Oil and Ten MENA Stock Markets

  • Heni Boubaker*, Nadia Sghaier


Stock Markets are Unpredictable, but Can be Exploitable

  • Sy-Sang Liaw and Cheng-Yen Wang