S.Senthil , C.Dinakaran

This paper mainly concentrates on smart grid technology using multilevel topologies. In this paper we have connected wind turbine, PV cell, Pico generator set so that the Electrical Energy is generated and it is connected to the Grid using multilevel Topologies. MULTILEVEL converters have been mainly used in medium or high power system applications, such as static reactive power compensation and adjustable-speed drives. In these applications, due to the limitations of the currently available power semiconductor technology, a multilevel concept is usually a unique alternative because it is based on low-frequency switching and provides voltage and/or current sharing between the power semiconductors. On the other hand, for low-power systems (< 10 kW), multilevel converters have been competing with high-frequency pulse width-modulation converters in applications where high efficiency is of major importance. Moreover, lower prices of power switches and new semiconductor technologies, as well as the current demand on high-performance inverters required by Renewable Energy Systems (RES), have extended the applications of multilevel converters. For the particular case of stand-alone RES, it is of common sense that it should be capable of supplying alternating current (ac) electricity, thus providing compatibility with standard appliances that are cheap and widely available. In addition, due the intermittent nature of almost all renewable energy (RE) sources, most single-consumer include an energy storage device that is usually implemented by lead-acid battery banks

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