Simulation and Analysis of Adaptive Control Method Employed for Matrix Converter

Dr. M.Vijaya Kumar, G.Pandu Ranga Reddy,J.N.Chandra Shekar, Santhi.M,M

Since discovered, electrical energy became one of the world’s fastest growing energy technologies. Efficient and stable utilization of electrical energy is one of the most important problem. The major phenomena that effects on the quality of power supply is the harmonics caused by different loads connected to the grid, which are usually converters based on power electronic components. These are the main causes for the deterioration of power quality. This paper presents the harmonic compensation of linear loads fed by matrix converter and the performance of two types of controllers(namely, Adaptive Fuzzy control and Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference system) are compared, during balanced supply and abnormal grid conditions. The sinusoidal nature of output currents were preserved by using PWM method and optimum Venturini method employed for matrix converter.

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