Integrative Strategies for Cancer Pain Relief: A Contemporary Review

Marcelen Rosenscheg, Julia Pedron, Lorena Pedroso

Cancer incidence has been increasing in recent years, making it the most prominent disease of our time. Its treatment is as crucial as managing the associated symptoms of the disease. Consequently, numerous research studies on these topics are currently being proposed. Opioids are known to be the primary choice for pain management in cancer patients. However, in some cases, adequate control cannot be achieved with a single medication, leading to the development of combination treatments. In this context, a systematic review was published on the subject of cancer pain, discussing relevant studies and considering all potential interventions for the management of oncological pain. This is, therefore, a mini-review on the same topic, focusing on certain aspects that were not highlighted in the initial publication but are still relevant in promoting further research in the same direction, contributing to the existing body of knowledge.