Development of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Manganese Steels Subjected to Ultra Fast Heating

Arbind Kumar Akela*, Rajak AK, Kumar S, Sah R

The mechanical properties of cold rolled carbon manganese steel after ultra-fast heat treatments were investigated. Ultra fast heating is an innovative technique that produces an appealing range of mechanical properties due to the unique microstructure achieved. A medium carbon (0.35%) manganese steel grade in strip form was subjected to an ultra fast heating schedule using a thermo mechanical simulator and quenched in water. The heating rates involved were 10, 100, 300, 500, and 1000°C/s to 850°C. At 85°C, the holding time was varied between 1 second and 300 seconds before water quenching. The strength grew significantly with increasing heating rate, reaching a maximum at around 500°C and then decreasing around 1000°C/s. The optimal properties of 1878 MPa with 12% ductility may be attained. The observed attributes result from a bainitic martensitic microstructure corresponding with significant transformation.

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