Application of Sustainable Agricultural Solid Wastes for the Adsorption Removal of Malachite Green from Wastewater

Melkamu Biyana Regasa*, Agesa Abdisa Hambisa

Water and wastewater treatment using adsorption technology based on agricultural solid wastes which are cheap and locally available have confirmed outstanding adsorption capabilities for removal of Malachite Green (MG) dye pollutant. Thus, this work reports low-cost and locally available Anchote Peel (AP) and Coffee Husk (CH) untreated adsorbents for the removal of MG from model wastewater. After characterizing the adsorbents by using Fourier infrared and x-ray powder diffraction spectrophotometers, the maximum dye removal efficiency at optimal experimental conditions: Solution pH, equilibrium contact time, amount of adsorbent, dye initial concentration and temperature) was determined to be 98.33% for AP and 98.11% for CH, respectively. The experimental results best agree with the Langmuir adsorption isotherms and pseudosecond-order kinetic model confirming that the uptake of MG involves of chemical processes to form monolayer followed by multilayer on the heterogeneous surface of the AP and CH adsorbents. Furthermore, the MG adsorption onto AP and CH is thermodynamically feasible, spontaneous, and non-uniform showing that there was surface change during adsorption. These adsorbents are cheap, abundant, environment benign and biodegradable. Finally, it was concluded that the AP and CH agricultural solid wastes based adsorbents are promising sustainable functional materials with due adsorption capabilities for removal of MG dye from aqueous solution.

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