A High-Power Propellant-free Electromagnetic Propulsion System Interacting with Local Space-time Curvature

Li Zhe

This paper proposes a high-power, propellant-free electromagnetic propulsion system grounded in general relativity and nuclear fusion technology. We found that the Riemann cur-nature vanishes and geodesic motion is locally free from gravitational field in a special space-time, demonstrating the feasibility of propellant-free electromagnetic propulsion. To achieve high-power propulsion in a Schwarzschild background, we chose Helmholtz superconducting loop as axis my metric field source and obtain an exact solution to the Einstein-Maxwell field equation using Killing symmetry and Ernst generation technique. An implementation involving a superconductor shield is presented, with Meissner effect calculations implying that the device can be sufficiently free itself from the gravitational field with the aid of existing nuclear fusion engineering.

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